Today’s shortcast explores the relationship between sacrifice and commitment to goals, and how to avoid the pitfalls and dangers that this union brings. 

Be it work, home, relationships or possessions we all make commitments in some form or other. The greater the goal or desire, the more we are likely to sacrifice to achieve or maintain it. These sacrifices usually put a strain on time, energy, finances or health, but what happens when the price becomes too high.

For as long as we can remember humans have made sacrifices in return for the promise of something better. Why is it we are prepared to do this?

Early in human existence, it would most likely have been connected to some sort of religious rituals or rites of passage, often in some form of payment to a deity in return for good fortune and may have included the sacrifice of a highly priced animal, a companion or even a child.

Thankfully we have mostly moved away from the blood sacrifice of a loved one, but we have not given up the idea of commitment and obligations in return for the hope of something better.

When the sacrifices made have become all-consuming or unhealthy, at what point do we make the decision that enough is enough?

Here are a couple of shows where the sacrifice was a significant part of their life journey

Ebonie Allard Misfit the Maven
Alex Joseph From Workaholic to Behaviour Change

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