The power of community building, our communities are the social glue that holds life together and is so underrated. Only when we cut off, do we notice the gap and then the loss.

The podcast explores why community is essential, what happens when a community is broken, and why it is fundamental to human existence. Community is about the groups of people we identify with and support.

The word community is a word that is used often in business and in politics but what does it mean?  In the news, we often hear that that’s that phrase from the business community or the wider community.

Are you consciously community building?   

We all make assumptions that we live in a community and yet the description of what that means is actually very loose. Could you put a name or word to yours?

However, take your community access away and see what happens. Covid was a catalyst that both created and destroyed our communities. While it was not possible to meet in person, people stepped up and helped each other with food or shopping. However, that separation from our usual groups took its toll on so many. 

Change is Coming 

On Friday I was invited to a private viewing of a film set in the Findhorn Foundation. It is a well-established spiritual and ecovillage community.  Brexit, Covid and then an arson attack have made the holding organisation insolvent, and huge change is coming. The film explored how difficult the journey has been, and opened the conversation about what is to come.  I am on the perimeter of these changes and I am sure I will get to witness the best and the most difficult aspect of community leadership and decision-making as this story unfolds.

But it has made me think about my community and how I need to be more consciously building a network around me.

In this programme, I invite you to look at your circles and groups and how can you make them stronger. As Stephen Covey said we need to make time to sharpen the saw. 

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