Do you Netflicks binge, are you hooked on the news cycle or social media?

I want to explore the balance between consumption and creation on the show today.

It is easy to get hooked into following the news cycle, plugging into the media circus. But I wonder if we are losing our sense of balance in this.

A friend remarked only yesterday that she often reached for the phone as a distraction, and 30 minutes will vanish in moments.  To some extent, we are powerless to resist these distractions. The platforms have designed their systems to hook us in so that we keep viewing the adverts.

During the Lockdowns in the UK, many people found safety in the streaming services, retreating to the sofa and the latest box set. No judgement there; it was a choice, and where did it lead? 

There is no doubt that a bit of downtime is healthy, but the question is how much and how long.

When we get hooked on social media drama or the hero’s journey of the latest epic, we are stepping out of our lives and putting our dreams on hold.  That means investing energy in a story or narrative that is not our own.

We could be writing, drawing, playing music or having conversations. I invite you to explore your balance between consumption and creation in this show. 

The question we must all consider is what feels better, watching a story unfold or creating and living our own. 

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