Do you get Angry, is there something that really gets you mad? Why, and have you ever unpacked it?

This show will cover where anger comes from and offer some simple techniques that you can use to deal with anger in everyday situations.

We all get angry from time to time; the modern world expects us to. I get riled by politics and social media and the stuff that life throws at me from time to time.

The media feeds on our anger and seeks to torment us because by feeding our righteous indignation, it creates promotes comments and continues the conversations. That means more opportunity to stoke opinions and show adverts.

But why do we get so angry?

Today’s podcast is the first in the series I promised to look at Feelings and emotions last week. We start with a big one, anger, and wow, there is so much of it.

So its simplest form, we get angry because the world around us does not fit the picture we have of it. Or there is an unmet need inside of us. So anger does not come from the outside; it’s generated from within you.

The exciting thing about anger is that it presents an opportunity to recognise that change needs to happen and can provide us with the fuel to make that change.

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