Exploring dreams to reality. I have been looking at this idea of the what if. And that what’s possible or wouldn’t that be amazing. Now when you do that kind of work, it creates a list of what could be considered dreams and wishes. Some will look like they are almost impossible and others are miracles. And yet there will be a way.

The point is with a list of amazing things completing one or two would feel more than amazing. In this podcast we’re going to explore what you do with your dream list, and how you begin to take something forward and make it a reality.

Now let’s be realistic if it’s a dream is never going to be easy and there’s no guarantee of success, but unless we try to move something forward, there will never be any success.

Plus it does expose an interesting question, how do we define success because that can lead us down some very strange rabbit holes. In this podcast, we are going to explore how you can start to move the needle on these amazing ideas you’ve had and how you can avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons.

Dreams to Reality is a Springboard

The point is if we are choosing a dream because it would lead to something else, be the springboard to the next dream. Something else is definitely going to be more important than this dream we are trying to achieve.

Another exciting aspect of exploring dreams. When we create a list quite often some of the things are already part of our current plan and thinking big often resolves the small.

So there it is explore your dreams and everything else will fall into place nicely.

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