Shortcast : Empathic Distress

Empathic distress, what does that mean? It was a new phrase for me. It is the term that describes the overwhelming feeling that so many people in modern life experience.

We were never meant to be this connected to world events and things where we have zero power of influence.  I have to thank the universe for the article in the Guardian newspaper by Nadine Levy that explored the topic.

I got here because there has been a theme this week: working with several people who were struggling with focus. But they found it impossible to stick to the main topic at hand and looked to see if it was possible to eat the whole elephant.

This podcast discusses the impact of working towards a big goal and how empathic distress can detract from the task at hand.

We are considering some options you might use to move through it. It is about breaking the pattern, for me that is breathing, a big deep belly breath.

Other options are to set a low bar, forgiveness and kindness. If any of these topics touch you and you need support, reach out and find it because you are not alone.   

If you want to find more focus or support with a particular project, check out the link to Focus Coaching. It will make a difference. 

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