When did you last experience enchantment or wonder?

In this reflection, we explore how we lose the capacity to be enchanted as we age and how the modern world is designed to dampen our capacity for wonder.

We are born with the capacity to be amazed and inspired by our surroundings as we grow up we see less of the world and spend more time inside and separate from nature. We had less opportunity to see the wonder of the world. But now become inspired but the world that is created for us.

When everything is available nothing is precious.

Back in time music was a source of wonder, pre 1900 entertainment was the music hall the theatre and concerts. Hearing live music was normal, hearing amazing music was truly memorable.

In the modern world, much of our ability to be amazed is lost as we age.  I know I compare a lot of my experience with my father’s. I guess because I had so many conversations with him only now am I beginning to understand.

Over the last few years of his life, he had no interest in modern film and life lost colour as he retreated into watching old TV programmes on repeat. 

So what happened, where does our capacity for wonder go?    

I suspect it started with photography, recorded music, radio, H

high fidelity sound,  TV and finally unlimited everything.

How do we re-discover enchantment or wonder,

it starts with looking and seeing. Join me on the quick exploration of what we gain from being in awe.    
As I write this after recording the show I can see that the subject is big enough to encompass a book on the subject.

Now there is a thought for the future.  

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