Where are you with endings and beginnings? 

Early last week, I was thinking about the UK’s reaction to the passing of Queen Elizabeth. Why has it affected so many people?

Because It is an ending and the Queen’s passing is an opportunity to acknowledge our grief for endings

Life is about beginnings and endings when I spoke to the grief specialist Carole Henderson during our podcast interview. She was saying that we grieve the loss. We can even grieve the last chocolate in the box as a sense of sadness for an empty box of chocolates.

That loss is momentary, but nether the less it is real. I saw a post on Facebook recently where a friend mourned the end of a pot of jam. One of the last jars made by his mother before she died. That jam had significance far greater than its contents as its passing triggered a memory.

But endings are beginning new jam will be made a news story begins.

Perhaps the mourning is more poignant when we know what we are losing can never be replaced with more of the same.

The power of these feelings does need to be acknowledged, I was surprised last week to be going through them again. When I delivered my son and his stuff as he began his new life at university. Empty nesting is real.

In this show, we are discussing ending and beginnings as part of the journey of life. 

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