How do you Envision your future?

A few weeks back, on the reflection podcast Resilient or Hooked, we looked at resilience and some of the steps needed to keep us out of the madness of negative media and news.

The first step on the road to resilience is having a future that inspires you. On our show today, we are looking at the idea of searching for the secret inside using vision.

I was considering this topic yesterday while cooking, and the song “Search for the Hero” by M People turned up on my playlist.  That song holds a lot of meaning for me I love the idea of searching for our hero inside. I have said many times that this life is a journey, a quest to find what is possible.

You can find the full song here.

That is the point: In order to lead the best life, we have to envision the one we want. But how?  What is the process of searching inside how do you envision your future?

The Marathon Journey

Also, most of the time, the limits to our experience are all self-imposed. A good example is my Marathon journey, I have wanted to make that commitment for years, but there was always a reason not to do it until I stopped making excuses and just booked it.

By this time next week, I will have completed my first Marathon and know what it takes.

In this show, we explore techniques you can use to find your secret and what can come out when you drop the resistance. 

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