In this we shortcast, I am considering time and how we use it. Plus what that tells us about our values and what is important to us? It is an opportunity to explore your time.

Time is a big deal in the business world. Every so often, a post will come up on social media where someone will point out we all have the same 24 hours every day. And that we can all be the next Richard Branson.

While this is sort of true it is not helpful. Yes, we all have the same amount of time but we all have different values and reasons for how we use that time. 

All time is relative to our experience. We have all been in a long boring meeting which seems like it will never end. On the reverse, we have all experienced time passing super quick, while in a flow state or that short holiday that passed in a flash.

Of course, we all think we are invincible. It is common to take each day for granted and as time passes is a fact of life. We are all on the journey until the end.

It is funny this conversation on today’s show was precipitated by a chance meeting with a friend I had not seen in many years. Two midlifers sharing notes on their life journey and the passage of time.

We had both come to the same conclusion It is how you explore your time that is a key factor in how you experience and enjoy life.

In the show, we introduce the idea of the time diary or plan and what it can tell you about your goal and desires.

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