Are you having important conversations? Are there elephants in the room?

I was privileged to be part of my wife’s family reunion last week. My mother-in-law is 82 and in good health; however, it could be the last time she will see her son, who was over from the US for the first time in 3 years

We all had great conversations; they retold the best family stories and went to some of the dark places that most people avoid. It was a privilege to be a witness to these loving conversations; it was something that would not have happened in my family.

My reflection is not about revelling skeletons in the cupboard as there were none.  But it is about exploring those difficult stories from a place of love and not blaming, shaming or guilt trips. The point is we all had our part to play.

We are all a product of our historical experiences and the stories that we tell ourselves. We cannot change the past but can only seek or give forgiveness.

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