Are you feeling the fear? In this show, we touch on the power of media and the fear industry, phobias and the power of stepping through your fear.

FEAR! There is a lot of it in the air. The world is an uncertain place and the media delights in telling us about it. For many fear is the siamese twin of uncertainty. 

Today in this shortcast I am exploring fear. It is another one of the powerful emotions that shape our lives and so much of the world.  I’ve picked fear because it is another big impactful emotion which can drive and changes lives.  As a force for change, we can choose to step up and overcome our fears and our world expands. 

Reacting to Information

Like all of the emotions we’ve been talking about fear is an interpretation or reaction to information that we’ve received.  The problem is those reactions are often about keeping us safe, and not always serving our best interests.

Yes, it is about safety feeling the fear is keeping us small, like everything in life the best bits are on the other side of something scary. 

I have spoken on the subject of fear before and how it is used in the marketing world. When we are in fear we are more suggestive and more willing to take the quick fix solution that is being offered.

Dr Sarah Mckay

Much of that work is based on the idea of the reptilian mind. But as I discovered in my research there is no evidence that we ever had a reptilian brain. I was looking at the work of Dr Sarah McKay and her assertion that we need to stop using it as an excuse for these base reactions. Check out her post Rethinking The Reptilian Brain

Although the research indicates it does not exist the effect of it still applies. We react to fear at a very base level, and it seems to be quick that the logical mind can react.

There are people with a real phobia, spiders, birds or open spaces. These fear are irrational but nonetheless real. Check out the podcast with Keith Blakemore-Noble

Feeling the fear and moving on

For the majority of us, fear is the difficult conversation, it is the big presentation, it is fill in your blank.  The solution is varied and is way beyond the scope of this podcast, but it starts with taking a breath and finding a small step to go forward.

Are you feeling your fear? Good, it means you are on the path to growth and that always leads to an amazing life.

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