Finding focus is the key to getting stuff done. But how do we do that in a society that has created a distracted industry? Because your phones have given you instant access to everything, and we live in a 24/7 society.

It has never been so difficult to isolate ourselves from those things that would have us blow off and fritter our time. In this podcast, we explore the problem and offer some solutions that could see you getting stuff done.

Finding Focus is not easy. 

Why is that? It is because our media is cultivating a distraction-based society. I can remember 50 years ago, sitting in my room doing my homework. The option for distraction was limited; perhaps I could read a book or doodles. But if I wanted to get out and see friends or watch TV with the family. The homework had to be finished.

The fact is our average attention span has been dropping. It is now around  47 seconds, and we can see this in how a film or drama series is cut. We can see this in the success of YouTube shorts and Tick-Tok reels.

Boring Stuff is hard to do.

When the work is boring or has the potential to trigger us into states of fear or worry, it is not surprising that we look for some distraction.

In this podcast, we look at the problems. We will consider the importance of managing our energy and use feelings and emotions to motivate us to finish the work. One of those tools is accountability; one of the keys to my homework completion all those years ago was accountability to those around me.

These powerful tools are part of the kit in focus coaching. If you have a project or something that you want to change or are finding some resistance check out this video. 

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