Finding purpose is almost a universal cry. We all want our lives to be valid, meaningful and worthwhile. But most of us want it to be revealed in a blinding light or burning bush moment. You might be one of the lucky ones, but for most of us, it will not happen like that.

In this show, we explore that path to that revelation and give you some tools to start your journey. Yes, like everything, there is no free ticket. 

I was lucky this week to attend an event called Finding your purpose. Bit of a fluke; some friends were going, so we decided to tag along. It was hosted by the Findhorn Foundation and featured Robert Holden in the UK with Caroline Myss and David Spangler in the US.

Thousands of Book About Finding Purpose

They had a slightly different take on finding a purpose and have been working with it for many years.  What is clear is that there are thousands of books on this subject, and that itself is a clue because finding a purpose or cause is a universal need.

One aspect they all agreed upon was that your purpose always happens whether you are conscious of it, and it is unlikely to be revealed in a blinding flash unless you are creating the light. 

Another factor of finding purpose is the unbreakable link with meaning, which is about choosing something. We must decide what gives our life meaning, then find ways to express that meaning in alignment with values, and there is the purpose. 

It is worth remembering that this podcast started out of my desire to find more meaning and purpose and a reason to live for the next 30 years.

On the show, I draw together my thought and experiences of my purpose and give you a few tools to move you forward on your journey to that grail. 

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