Finding your MTP, Massive transformational purpose. What is it, and do you need it? The MPT has become popular with companies driven to create change. It is said to be the drivng cause of that change.

This shortcast explores the MTP and how you might create one for you or your business.

So an MTP is a statement of intention, a change that you want to see happen, it’s also a statement that inspires.

Life Passion and Business:  Leading the World to a better place.
Tedx:  ideas worth spreading. 
Tesla: To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

These sound inspirational, but it is not a question of sitting around with a brand specialist and a copywriter to develop a flashy phrase.

Finding Your MTP

It is a combination of passion, values, emotions and meaning. From the corporate perspective, these would be the founder’s vision, inspiration and passion for solving a particular problem.

The MTP for Life passion and business was born from my journey with the show. Once I had healed myself, I wanted to share that knowledge.  

Life Passion & Business Podcast is about finding answers to life’s big questions through weekly interviews with guest speakers. The Shortcast is my ongoing commitment to staying inquisitive and passionate about life with whatever is alive for me each week. Follow the links below to discover what else is on offer.

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