Is gain without pain even possible? We’ve all heard those words no pain, no gain. What does not kill you makes you stronger.

But are they true? Is it possible to grow without trauma and discomfort?

I was on the road Friday, meeting up with the wife for a weekend in the borders returning a lot later than I planned on Sunday. Five hours in the car is a lot of podcasts. 

One show I have been following is Hidden Brain with Shankar Vedanta, an American journalist, writer, and science correspondent.

His guest was a researcher Erand  Jayawickreme, who was looking into the ideas behind the idea of post-traumatic growth and the science behind it. His experience of trauma was growing up in Sri Lanka during political strife and terrorist attacks by the Tamil Tigers.

It is a good episode and makes some valuable conclusions; one which was no surprise is that people who experience trauma tend to be more empathetic to those experiencing a similar fate.

You can find the full program on your podcast app, and I have posted a link to it on the web page for this podcast.  

The question for me is still outstanding can we grow without trauma and suffering?

Join me on the shortcast where I will explore my thoughts around gain without pain  

The Hidden Brain Podcast

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