Gratitude and grititude, in life there will always be ups and downs and it’s easy to be grateful for the good bits but how could we learn appreciation for the challenges.

On this show today we look at grititude. Over the last few weeks we’ve been looking at this idea of being grateful and finding places where we can savour moments to create more gratitude.

But the truth is the maximum growth in life come when we are challenged, it arrives when we are pushed to bring out greater resources to find a path through. These are the bits that are painful and not the experience we would choose. But they are the points in life that provide the greatest opportunity for change.

Growth and Resilience

We’re exploring the idea of being grateful for the crap bits and exploring how those parts of your life will lead you towards greater resilience and a greater capacity to deal with whatever’s coming down the line.

Many of our guests on the podcast experience a fall of some kind. Some of them have lost everything in their lives, and they have created something genuinely extraordinary out of that disaster. When asked if they would go back and change anything, they often say no.

That is what we’re talking about. It’s that capacity to recognise those parts of their lives and see them as opportunities for growth. Because as long as we hold fear of the gritty bits, we lose our capacity to change anything. Only when we can truly embrace them do we achieve full resilience and the ability to react or whatever life delivers.

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