Healthy wanting, is it possible to be wanting something in such a way that it drives you forward towards success? For many wanting is about filling a void that cannot be filled from the outside.

On this podcast we discover the problem with over wanted culture. It is growth for the sake of growth. How could we look at the driver of progress in a more positive way so it’s connected with who we are?

Society and business has turned into desires for products in the search for ever greater profit. It becomes growth for the sake of growth. Our politicians and media promise unlimited growth as a means of prosperity for all. 

But it can put us on the treadmill. There have been more than enough podcast guests on the growth treadmill looking for more and more and finding themselves burned out in the process.

What if it was possible to reconnect yourself with your values and build your wants and desires from there?

Our conversation is about using your value systems accordingly, and using it in a healthy way to of fuel your desires.

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