Intuition and inspiration: where does that sit in your New Year’s resolutions, goals, or intentions that you set for 2024? There is so much pressure to set intentions or goals at the beginning of the year.

I suspect many people feel pressured into coming up with something, and it’s invariably dumped by the middle of January. Why is it so difficult to set a meaningful, achievable goal at this time of year?

In this podcast, we look at the idea that the best goals come from intuition. They come out of inspiration, and when those things are in alignment, it’s only a matter of doing.

Tomorrow is the 8th of Jan, and for many, it is the first full week back at work, last week was about going through the motions. Well, it was when I was in corporate. Actually, it was about preparing for a trip to Paris to look at Christmas Decorations. Yes, 20 years back, I finished Christmas only to go back to work and start looking at Christmas.

Thankfully, I have left Christmas decoration planning behind, but I still retain one discovery from that time. Kings Cake.

Kings Cake, Intuition and Inspiration.

In the Harvey House, Christmas ends on the 5th of January at King’s Night, where we have a King’s dinner to celebrate the end of the 12 days of Christmas and to explore intuition and wisdom for the coming year and eat Kings Cake.

Check out the show and hear the story of how I discovered King’s Cake. But more the point, today’s conversation is all about how we bring our intuition and inspiration into our lives to align with our goals and intentions. That is the path towards living a good life.

Million Dollar Year Update

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If you know there is still time to join the million-dollar year experiment, you can find the link below.

The experiment is a one-year program or container held by Joanna Hunter where we look at how it is possible to generate one million dollars in one year. Do check the previous two podcasts, where I explore the project. This week’s topic of conversation was about deserving. Do you feel you deserve it? That’s fascinating, isn’t it?

Because unless we feel that we can have a million, we never will. To find out more about this program and how it could benefit you check out the link The Million Dollar Experiement.

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