Are you living beyond? Last week I spoke about how I was limiting myself by dithering over the race this weekend.

I have had a few more thoughts and want to talk to you about living beyond. Because this aspect of limits is a far broader conversation

Limits are everywhere, from society, employers, family and culture. And, of course, reality will give us a quick reminder of our limits far quicker than we can do it for ourselves.

So I encourage you to constantly push the boundaries rather than practice limitations; when we push, it is empowering.

It is about awareness. I know that my life gets smaller when I think smaller and bigger when I think bigger. When we can think outside of physical or mental limits, it is our thinking that moves forward.

With that awareness, we can change how we move forward and start living beyond

Living beyond our limits

In this show, we look at how breathing into a limit makes it a reality and how we might look beyond it and find the resources needed to get through it.

Last week before entering the race, my dithering was that I did not want to prove I am getting older. It was my breathing into being 59 and staring at 60. I left an open question on the podcast: Can I run 10K in under 48 minutes?

Spoiler no, I did not. However, I am ok with that.

In this show, I demonstrate how I used a process to make it possible for me to get through my limiting thoughts around this 10k race. The plan worked, well, sort of. I did not make the 48 minutes. But my race time today was 50 minutes and 1 second. Gutting not to get under 50 minutes.

As I said I am happy with that and it has given me a target to explore in 2023. 

On the show, I mention the psychology podcast with Scott Barry Kaufman and his interview with Gabor Mate.

The link to it is here.

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