We are all living in the story; it is what we do. I talk a lot about the stories and narratives that make up our lives. I’ve realised this is about living in the story of the outcome.

On this show, we explore how our storytelling abilities can lead us to our goals or take us to that place of despair. We have to manage our storytelling to get what we want.

Most of the time, our actions at any moment are relative to the outcome we hold as a vision. But we are not conscious that we are doing it.

Here is me Living in the Story

I love to cook for myself, my family, and my friends. When I begin the meal plan, I consider what the other people eating will enjoy and how they might react to the presentation of that food. I imagine them enjoying it.

Last Monday I bought a new pair of running shoes, they were a gift for my birthday and are possibly the most expensive shoes I have ever bought. As I tested them in the shop, I imagined how it would feel to run a race, going fast and long while wearing these shoes.

I got to test them on Saturday at the Forres Highland Games 10K, and they did not feel how I imagined they would. They did live up to my expectation.

That is the point we are always living in the outcome of the story we have created. Now that ability to tell ourselves a story and believe it is a powerful tool for getting the life we want. As long as it is well managed. 

Focus on the bad stuff, which can also be a heavyweight in delivering the life we do not want because replaying and believing a lousy story will not lift the heart or fill the soul with joy.

Join me on the show and discover how you might use your stories to get what you want. 

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