This weeks shortcast ‘Living The Story’ is inspired by my recent trip to Bristol and the controversial media coverage and history of the Colston Statue.

Edward Colston was a 16th century merchant whose statue was erected to venerate the £71,000 he left for charity. It was successfully pulled of its plinth and ceremoniously dumped in the river during the Black Lives Matters demonstrations last year. The media portrayed this as an act of vandalism, and yet the Story goes much deeper.

Colston was a slave trader responsible for the death of 19,000 African slaves. The people of Bristol have been campaigning to have this statue removed for over 20 years. 

Life is full of Stories like this, and revealing the hidden truths is challenging. 

My conversation is an exploration of how these stories run our lives, why it is useful to become aware of the narratives we are running; check that they are serving us; and not taking us into pointless or unhelpful places.

If you want to learn more about the Colston Statue, it currently resides in Bristol’s M Shed Museum awaiting the decision of it’s future. Link to the online version of their display here:

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