Is the past controlling your future?

It is often past experiences that cause the ‘default’ thinking that keeps us stuck in the present and hold the highest potential to sabotage our future plans. When we open our hearts to forgiveness, it sets us free and enables us to make decisions that are not tainted by those past resentments and unhealthy undertones. So let the work begin.

A social media post from someone in my past brought my awareness to some old resentments that I am still holding on to. I recognise there are some things and people I need to forgive and it is that lack of forgiveness and my beliefs about the past that are affecting my capacity to move forward.

I am not a therapist, but I do know what is required to start the process. If you find yourself stuck in the present or holding on to something from your own past, you may find this conversation helpful in starting your own transformative process.

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