Money and thought or thought and money, what comes first, the money or thinking about it? In this show, we are considering the energy of money.

Does money have energy? Not directly but money itself is the transfer of energy, which is the representation of energy being transferred from person to person. Before there was money, there was barter, and yet, in some way, we still experience the level of barter in our day-to-day interactions with people.

Many transactions in life are not fiscal, but they do serve us and bring us service or service to others.

Here is the link to the Million Dollar Experiment;

In this show, we are touching on the experiment that starts tomorrow, the first of January. Is it possible to create one million dollars or one million pounds in one year?

 As I said in the last podcast on the subject, this is about expanding our consciousness so that we can become open to the possibility of generating this level of income, but there are so many little nuances to this, as you’ll hear on the podcast you know I am struggling to get my head around it.

The experiment is not my event; I am a participant in it, and I’d be delighted if you joined us. You can see the link below. It is an affiliate link because that’s how this process works, so do check it out.

 But as I said last week, even if I aim for this number and hit a fraction of it, that is still a win, yet even that action itself demonstrates my limited thinking. So it is thought and money that comes first or thought and money?

Here is the link to the Million Dollar Experiment; there are only a few hours left for you to join in

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It is going to be a fascinating year with lots going on. I’m involved in a number of projects; there will be a new coaching program and a load of opportunities to explore what it means to lead a good life.

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