More gain without pain. Is it possible to move forward without trauma? It is a question I am still exploring and something I will be taking up in the new year in the new format podcast.

We have been travelling this weekend, so not been here to make a show. I do not stack content up to date; all of my Sunday shows are made on the day, so they are about my current thinking. However, this weekend has been a little special. It was my wife’s 60th birthday, and we brought our son home for Christmas, so there was lots of time on the road and celebration.

With all that in mind, I decided a reupload was both forgivable and relevant.

The show you are about to hear was first released in July this year and is about pain and gain.

Much is said about the need to work hard, push and grind to get what you want; on some level, there is a need to get uncomfortable.

In this show, I was exploring that idea and the question is still open, I would love to hear your thoughts on More Gain without pain.

I will be back on Wednesday with details of a birthday party and how this show is unfolding in 2023.

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