How do you deal with the icky stuff? When I say more Icky emotions I am talking about Shame Guild Embarrassment and Needs.

Our conversation is a whistle-stop tour of some of these debilitating feelings. But they have a purpose, which is to keep us safe.

Embarrassment is the glue that holds society together.

Shame and guilt are a bit more complex, yet it is about living by the rules and how we experience our transgression or breaking the rules.

Needs are the signal of unexpressed values.

Join me for this shortcast where we uncover more icky emotions and explore how you could be free of it all. 

As mentioned on the show here is a link to the podcast with Louis Hollis

The Author and Shame researcher was Brene Brown, she is a prolific writer and there are numerous TED talks. Too many links so best do a search

The work on Embarrassment was Dacher Keltner, he is also the host of the science of happiness.

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