Is love more than a feeling?   On the shortcast, we’re exploring love; it is the last big topic in our series on emotions.

So what is love? From my perspective, it really is more Than A Feeling.

Have you ever considered what love means to you?

It can be argued that love is the most misunderstood and misrepresented emotion.  When you consider love songs, they’re more like need songs than love songs.  Because the expression is often not about love but of loss or desire?

That is the point love gets mixed up with desire and scratching the hormonal itch.
So join me in this conversation. We will explore how love can change your world. When we get past the passion and the sex, much more is to be discovered.

When we practice love in action, the world around us gets better; included in this episode are a couple of potent love exercises that you can try.

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