What is it that makes the ordinary and extraordinary, after this week I would say perception. My son and I travelled to London in preparation for my wife’s Ordination. We spent a day in London doing the tourist thing and it was both emotional and revealing.

On this show we are exploring how to make the ordinary extraordinary and the importance of connection with all that is.

It was an emotional week returning to famous places with my now adult son, making new memories and discovering our shared interests. Photography, he has a good eye for a picture and loves people watching. Both are about creating stories and seeing the worlds from a place of wonder.

The Ordinary Become Extraordinary at Ordination

The focus of the week was my wife’s ordination as an Interfaith Minister. She is now the Reverend Cheryl Harvey a title that has weight and opens doors for good conversations. It has been a two year journey of soul searching and revelation.

It was about connection interconnection and the infinite possibility. In this show we explore what all means and how you might see the ordinary and extraordinary?

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