Are you motivated by pain or value? So the bigger question is, do we need to experience pain in order to move or change?  

In the shortcast, we are exploring how there are times when pain is a motivation, but for the really big changes in life, there has to be something else driving the action. 

Looking at pain as in the ex-marketer, I can say marketing techniques will use pain to drive people towards a buying decision. It is about convincing people that buying stuff will make their lives better.   

There is no doubt that some pain is a powerful motivator. Physical pain like toothache needs drugs and a dentist appointment to solve the problem. There is nothing that you would not do to get rid of toothache.

But these are base-level problems and dovetail into Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  ( if that is new to you, see here.  At the bottom of the pyramid, we seek safety, security and physical comfort. Physical pain is physical discomfort, and we want to change that.

As we move up the pyramid, when all of the basic needs and desires are met, it is time to self-actualise and do things in the world. But the question still comes: what is it that motivates us to do something to make a difference in our lives?

In this shortcast, we explore how pain, values and meaning are the core seeds of motivation for change.

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