Perfection is an ideal that can break the soul and spirit of the best of us; getting hooked into a perfectionist state can lead to all manner of self-depreciation. 

On our show today, we are looking at the mindset of perfection and how chasing perfectionism can lead to shame and a sense of failure.

Where did the need to be perfect come from? It may have been sports. Watching elite athletes, there is no doubt that they are looking for the perfect performance every time they step up to the line. But they train for this moment, and much of that moment’s performance is out of their control.  Of course, only the winners are celebrated; they get to take it all.

One of the biggest factors in performance thinking is the comparison with others. That is with family, friends or work colleagues. Company culture can feed the peak performance narrative, as can social media.

Part of this conversation is looking at the success model and exploring strategies that can make us aware and tackle the self-deprecation caused by perfectionism.

Do you have any thoughts about chasing perfection?

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