We live in a world of polarity and disagreement. I wonder if it has always been there, and I just did not notice or has the world become more divided?

In this show, I explore my surprise to meet up with some old friends who now hold some very strong opposing views to my own.

What is your default in this situation, right them off or build a bridge? 

This show is about the importance of building bridges and recognising that there is more that unites us than we realise.

The world is a troubled place, everywhere I look I can see polarity. Our print and TV, social media and politics are out to point fingers and create separation.

My bigger point is we do not have time for separation. Meeting my Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) is about making the world a better place. That will not happen with division and no conversation.

So why are we so polarised and what makes these beliefs so strong that people will go out on a limb and say black is white just to maintain the story?

Polarity and disagreement are about belief in a story. It is fierce because the idea must be defended or it becomes a house of cards problem. 

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