Politics and stories where do you sit on the line between left, right, libertarian and authoritarian?  I asked his question because I discovered a website called the political compass, that lets you find out.

However, our conversation is not about politics but it is about exploring the stories that shape our politics. We are also exploring where the podcast is going in 2023 and a heads up that there is a birthday just around the corner.

Politics and Stories

The political compass website has been going for 21 years and is used in education to explore political values. It is a simple test, they do not require a sign-in or any data, you do the test and you get a result. 

It’s a really simple test lot of questions designed to push the buttons and test your boundaries to demonstrate where you sit on the axis of the political spectrum.

 What I think is so fascinating about the exercises it exposes our stories.

 It lets us explore our values and what we think is important.

The website is called politicalcompass.org and it’s well worth visiting. Do the test and see what you discover.

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