Reaction or response: I opened the car door, and the harsh words were out of my mouth before I knew it.  His response was just as intense as mine. Did I get out of the car?  

On this show, we are talking about reaction or response. The course of life is a flow with ups and downs, situations, problems, and solutions. Now, we can live, breathe and move with the flow or fight against it.  

But, of course, that is more challenging than it sounds. Living with ease and flow takes some practice, but if we can find and respond with clear, fresh thinking, love, compassion and ease. The depth of any problem with an emotional charge is significantly reduced.

So, how do you react to life’s ups and downs? Do you give a measured response, or do you react, and how deep is that reaction measured, or do you go full nuclear?

There are people in life with short fuses; thankfully, I don’t meet so many of them these days.  

The situation above was an overreaction of mine in a petrol station to a driver who had pushed into the queue for fuel. It was not my finest hour, that’s for sure. Had it not been for my wife’s calming words and touch, I may have got out of the car, and life may have taken a different turn.

Do You React or Respond

In this show, we look at the reaction or response and how we might choose a response over a reaction.  We also consider the impact of reaction in other areas like social media. Out of interest, have you ever had a change of mind or opinion following a tense interaction on a social media post?

That is the point: reaction might win the battle, but it rarely changes minds.

Here is the link to Wikipedia and Amygdala hijack

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