Reading by osmosis is buying a book and having it on the shelf unread. It feels good to buy a book that looks like it will change your life. But unless we read it and implement the contents, nothing will change.

We all do it to some extent, PDF downloads!! How many do you have in that to-be-read folder?  Courses bought or events attended, did you do the work?

On this show, we are looking at how to avoid reading by osmosis and setting a commitment to do the work. I have a lot of books on my shelves I have a lot of books in my Kindle, I have always enjoyed reading, and was the influence of various coaches over the years that have either suggested books. Or pointed out that the most successful people read a lot of books. 

But we live in a world of reels and short-form content. The availability of podcasts and YouTube videos has changed how we consume or find information.  These platforms have given us direct access to information and reduced our need to look for or read books.

Is that really true, can I get everything from Youtube?

It’s ok if I’m looking for a particular bit of information, like how to tune the gears on your bike. A straightforward video is enough.

But the problem is when we try to go deeper unless we are taking notes or finding some way to retain that information, watching videos or listening to information is not the best way to learn or implement.

On this show, I will encourage you to find the book that will take you forward and give you some tools that help you stick to and implement something.

Because unless we take action and change something nothing will change. 

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