Live life like you mean it and have absolutely no regrets.

That was a quote I saw on a friend’s Facebook pages years ago.

Do you have regrets, or are you one of those who have none?

In this show, we will explore regret and how rumination of our regrets is so damaging and detrimental to our health. But also why having no regret is a lost opportunity. 

You will discover what regrets are and why we have them.

Regret is the most common emotion that we ever experience, and of course, there is that famous work about the regrets of the dying, which are mostly about the loss of connections and not taking action.

 We look at the four areas of regret and how regrets are a powerful tool for growth.

My thoughts and this conversation were prompted by the Psychology Podcast With Scott Kaufman and his interview with Dan Pink on his new book The Power of Regret.

The links to the podcast and the book

Normalising Regret with Dan Pink

The Power of Regret Book

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