We all experience self-talk in one situation or another. Sometimes, it is easy to ignore, and at other times, it is not. How do you counter your inner critic? 

In this show, we explore self-talk and inner dialogues or narratives, where they come from and what strategies you can use to minimise the impact. 

I am in week three of the money experiment. Last week, I explored my inner GPS or compass. It is about being the observer in life and watching, seeing what feels light or dark. I noticed that I was crap-talking myself and thought I was past all that.

It is amazing how unkind we can be to ourselves, and we are often not even aware that we are doing it.  Negative self-talk is the subconscious mind trying to protect us, using powerful characters from our past. It is looking for options to stop your progress as it perceives a threat. 

My inner voice is often my own, but it can be my mother or other significant people from the last 50-plus years. While observing myself this week, I noticed that there is quite a narrative going on at different times. Some of it is positive, and sometimes it is just unhelpful.

In this show, we explore some of the solutions that I use to counter this inner critic.  From simple mindful thinking to having a dialogue with the voice.

The bigger point here is awareness. When we are aware, we can take action and make a change. Part of the process this week was looking for lightness and fun, as that is where all sorts of magic can happen.

But first, we need to silence the decent.   

Million Dollar Year Update

The seed for this show was my work on this experiment, the point is if you want more money in your life it means a change of thinking.

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