Slow down and take some time for yourself.  The power of slowing down is life-changing, for me this conversation about slowing down is fundamental to who we are as human beings.

In this show, we look at the power of slowing down 

During the interview podcast, we discuss contribution and how we contribute to ourselves. We live this life for ourselves although we do things for other people, it is about us our life journey and our experience. We can only discover this stuff by asking the right questions and giving space to hear the answers. 

So much of the time we spend either looking forward or looking backwards, I have been here. The action of living in the moment is about slowing down to appreciate what we have, finding a moment of grace, a time just to breathe and be.

It’s no wonder that the world is fascinated by mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, and these internal practices are so popular. It is because we are crying out to discover how to put something back into our lives. 

That something is most probably meaning, but that is another conversation. 

When we take a moment to slow down and connect with who we are and understand what we want in this moment, it connects us to the bigger picture.

Check out the podcast and see how taking time to slow down might be just what you need. 

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