How do we focus on staying positive in the face of all that is happening around us?

Our mental health and mindset are influenced but our environment and the narrative we are experiencing. Feeding our minds with negative stuff will shift how we feel about life.  I call it the Wellness Spiral; for others, it may be a scale. Staying positive is about having a process that feeds you and keeps you moving forward.

In this show, we will explore some coaching tools I use to keep me moving up the Wellness Spiral rather than sliding down.

The world has changed significantly over the last two years, and with recent world events, the future is unclear. But we owe it to ourselves, our families and communities to stay strong, stay positive.

Like everyone, I am shocked, disappointed and just about every other expletive in my reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. How did we get to this?

I cannot begin to understand how we got here. What I do know is getting drawn into the media storm around it will not help my equilibrium; it will not help me meet my goals and dreams or support my family or you, the wider audience.

What is worth remembering is that the media and social media like to feed us a negative message because that locks us into the story and keeps us viewing the adverts. 

Check out my tips for keeping yourself grounded in your reality. The world is a wonderful, unique and beautiful place, and there are acts of kindness and love around us all of the time we just have to notice.

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