The course of life does not always run true, and stuff happens, but very often, it is for the better. It might not seem so at the time, but given the options, it could always be worse.

On today’s shortcast, I want to tell you about why getting stuck with a broken-down car had a huge upside.

Friday evening, I nipped out for some quick shopping at a local supermarket, and while I would normally cycle, it looked icy, so I decided to drive.

I cleared the ice for the windscreen and set off to hear a loud crack. I thought it was ice or something; I stopped to check that nothing was jammed under the wheels. It all looked good, so I set off for the store.

On my return, just as I turned into my road, there was a loud crunch, the engine roared, and the car stopped; it was going nowhere.

I got out to see the issues to discover that my passenger wheel was at 90 degrees to the car body. Stuff Happens.

What do you do when you are stuck in the middle of the road, close to zero temperatures, with an immovable car? I did consider lots of ideas and discussed them with my new farmer friend, who stopped to help.

I started calling my breakdown recovery service, and they took 20 minutes to answer.  When they finally picked up, we were told it would be 4 hours before any help would be available.

Thankfully that was not how it turned out.

You will have to check out the show to discover what happened. However, you might be wondering how a breakdown like this could have an upside.

It was more about what could have happened than what did. Had that nut sheared while I was on a motorway, which I will be in a few days, the outcome would have been far more serious or possibly even fatal.

Everything about my Friday happened in the best way that it could.

There is a Sufi saying it is not good, it is not bad, it just is..

Back on Wednesday. 

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