On this show, we explore how success became a cult. I have been in the digital space since the beginning. There have always been gurus promising six-figure business models and setting their authority in the space with the trapping of perceived wealth.

In the show, we explore how you can find and discover the true meaning of success, and it will be different for every one of us. 

A story broke this week about a cult that was using coaching to entrap and convince members to pay them loads of money and leave their families.  Clearly, that is not coaching it might be using the tools, but it is manipulation on the deepest level.

But I can understand how it happened because it would tie into the Cult of success.  Which has always been about having the toys and trapping that make us look successful

It is the glamorisation of overwork as the badge of success, the acquisition of stuff, cars, house, posh locations, the travel. While all of these things (apart from the overwork) are exciting, they are success metrics that are outside of us. They are fun and addictive, but asking many who get there, it doesn’t feel like an achievement.

So how do we define success for ourselves?

It’s something that I have discussed on the podcast many, every single week when we talk to guests about their success model.

The thread that comes through out of all the conversations I had over the last five years is.

When we can find truly find our purpose, “The WHY”  The thing that we always do and are meant to be doing.

If we can express it in the world in a form that aligns with our values and the story that we believe to be true for our life.

That is the path to true success, happiness and wealth.

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