The crowning of a king happened this weekend. Tomorrow is a public holiday for some in the UK. I am not going to get all royal on you. But occasions like these do allow the opportunity to explore the deeper meaning of these events.

I will bring you back to look at your sense of meaning on this show. By looking at the crowning of a king and exploring the value of our actions. When a sense of meaning drives our path or activity, it brings a whole new sense of purpose.

We all experience life as a series of thoughts and feelings. Rarely do we explore how it sits with us or ask the question. what does it mean or say about me?

I started this podcast because of my search for meaning. When it is missing life can become hollow and a bit Meh..

The point is over the last 50 years we have been set free from the age of deference. Many have left the institutions or faiths the extolled values from which to live by.

That freedom is wonderful but with it comes a responsibility to live a life of your own.

In this show, we explore the options and how you might find more meaning in the life you choose to lead.

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