The eulogy.  It’s funny we spend a lot of time avoiding the idea that life will end. So why should you take time out to consider your eulogy when it’s not you that has to deliver it?

Because it is your legacy.

Today’s podcast considers what people will say about you when you are gone.  The eulogy exercise is a powerful tool that Stephen Covey created in his book The seven habits of highly effective people. It is a process that has been copied and repeated in numerous books and courses. Because it is such a fantastic tool for getting to the hub of who you are and what you want to get out of this life.

So on this show, we explore why exercise is essential, which fits in with this idea of creating and living the story. The process lets us go forward and predict what we want people to say about us.

We get to look at our current life and ask, does what I’m living now get me to that conversation about my life?

Are You On Track?

If it does not, you get the opportunity to change it, rewrite the story, and live it all to the full.

My wife precipitated this exploration as we explored what our funerals would be like. It is part of the training to be an interfaith minister, creating a living funeral.

It sounds morbid, but it is a brilliant thing to do because when you are gone, your family have a copy of your funeral created by you.  They can get on with grieving and giving you a good send-off without the stress of planning for it.

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