This episode explores our ‘lens of perspective’ and its powerful role in framing our life experiences. Our worldview is derived entirely from the stories we narrate to ourselves. That is how we unconsciously guide our perceptions and experiences.

In this short conversation, we explore the importance of consciously monitoring our narratives to ensure they align with a positive, empowering outlook on the world.

In this discussion. I share a few personal anecdotes and scenarios, demonstrating how perspective can drastically alter the interpretation of an event. We highlight the idea that our perspective is often influenced by past experiences. Our brains are not picky and happy to interpret our present reality by drawing on references from the past or other untrusted sources. This leads to the realization that we often view the world through a lens of past experiences, unknowingly to us.

There are solutions. Like incorporating mindfulness into our lives by observing our feelings from a detached viewpoint, preventing us from spiralling into negative emotions.

The Upwards Spiral 

Using the spiral process, it is possible to manage and maintain an upward direction in mood by using meditation, regular exercise, and journaling. The fact is that life has its ups and downs, and there will be inevitable lows. It is at these times that managing our mood and expectations will keep up from becoming overwhelmed.

The episode is an essential exploration of a significant facet of our psychology and a practical guide on managing one’s perspectives to lead a balanced, fulfilling life.

The lens of perspective is a big subject, and if you would like support unpicking yours, do reach out. 

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