Is it possible to find the meaning of life, or is that life a grail quest? Many philosophers have wrangled over this question, and millions of words have been written. But does any of it matter?

In the show, I am exploring this question of the meaning, how it changed my life and how it could change yours.

Many people travel life’s journey without consideration for the question and live perfectly happily. I suspect they have found meaning but never needed to define it, and they just live it.

Society has shifted in the last 70 years with the passing of deference and the significance of organised religion. In the UK, church membership and participation are at an all-time low. In the past, the church offered an answer to our quest for meaning.

Without the framework of the church and its community, people find themselves searching for something else.

Simon Sinek said to start with Why

He was struggling with life and went on a journey before to make sense of his path, and I did the same with the podcast. So after 400-plus podcast conversations, I have been privileged to explore that question and received possibly an equal number of different answers.

So here is the simple answer

There is no meaning to life other than the meaning you choose to give it.

That statement contains both freedom and a curse. In this show, I reveal the formula for finding meaning in your life and why it can be difficult to find or live with.  

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