We have all felt the red mist of anger descend at some point, a moment when all reason gets lost, and silly things happen. Society has a difficult relationship with the expression of anger. At its best it is a powerful fuel for change, motivated action.

The world is still full of anger, and aggressive actions are taken in anger that really lead to good outcomes. When will we learn to deal with the expression of our power?  The show explores why we experience anger and how it can potentially shape our perspectives and actions in life. Ther are many examples where it is a force for good. 

The root of anger is the unmet need or perception of transgression. It is about filters and values that originate from societal or cultural factors. The transgression of these views and values can trigger outrage and a sense of injustice, leading to its expression in acts of violence.

Conversely, societal or cultural factors can just as easily influence how we perceive or suppress anger, which is just as unhealthy as violent expression.

Avoiding The Red Mist of Anger

The safe expression of our anger and frustration is the action of a healthy, well-adjusted person. Because there is a price for unexpressed emotion and anecdotal evidence for the damaging impact of pent-up anger on our health and relationships.  That is why it is important to deal with frustration early on before it escalates to a full-scale rage.

The row that ensures follows the burning of a piece to toast has nothing to do with the toast.

Full disclosure: I am not an anger specialist and would always refer someone with issues of this kind for professional support. But we can all benefit from being clear about what makes us angry and finding safe routes and means to express it.

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