What happens when the story meets reality? Because we can believe whatever we want, but there are times when the vision and the picture do not align.

I had a very visceral example of that on Saturday. 

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have a passion for running. It gives some meaning to my life because, when I run it brings my mind and my body together in one place operating in harmony.

So I’ve been training to run my fastest ever 10K,  if you saw my socials or you’re on my list, you’d have heard the story about how I have an unofficial time and what to beat it will and official time.

I did first 10K was back in 2018 at 51:55, I did and unofficial race in 2021 at 48:51 and last year I did a local race  at 50:01

Now father time is working against me, I am nearly 60. But I had trained hard, and I had a story in my head where I could get a sub-47-minute time.  I had a  vision in my head where I could see myself achieving it.

The Story Meets Reality

The Story Meet Reality

But the reality on the day was very different, it was way hotter than I was expecting.

This podcast is my journey through that process. It’s about how we stay focused but at the same time allow for the reality of the situation and take it as information rather than failure.

Because everything we experience is new information to be taken forward for the next experience.  So spoiler alert I didn’t make the time I was looking for I got 49:19.

 There is a bigger concern. However, for that, you’ll need to listen to the podcast.

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