Thought and belief or beliefs and thought, what comes first, that would be the thought obviously it has to come first for one to believe it, but the question is how do we get to believe and is it important? 


In this show, we are looking at the connection between thought and belief. 

We have thousands of thoughts every day, many of which just pass through our minds without any connection or associated feeling.

Most of my work with people revolves around mindfulness or being conscious of things passing through our minds and being the observer.

When I do this, it can be surprising what passes through. We’ve spoken many times on this subject, particularly around the idea of how we perceive ourselves and how we value ourselves and those around us.

Unless I value myself and hold myself in high esteem, I will always sell myself short.

That is tangible proof of the connection between thought and belief. I have to believe a thought to make it real. 

Have you ever played the power game, it is an acting exercise and I explore it in this show. This point is, through a series of exercises, big guys got pushed over just by the power of the words that were used.  

Our Thoughts and Beliefs have power.

The point is what we say and the words we say to ourselves have power over us. When we say negative things about ourselves, we give ourselves that instruction and lose our power. If we say positive things about ourselves, we talk ourselves up and own our power.

So, what do you want to achieve in your life this year? Do you believe you can achieve it, and are you committing to it?

I know from coaching and being reminded in the money program that there are several ways of achieving things, and there is an easy way and there is a hard way.  

My sense on this is that the universe ( and our minds) will give us what we want on some level; if we believe something, it is going to be hard, it will be hard; if we believe, something will flow, then it will flow because we get kind of what we expect.

The Challenge for all of us is to map out what we want and believe we can have it and then take action to move towards it.

Now those actions will involve smart goals, they will involve accountability and all the sort of things to make something happen. But the key to remember here is bashing our heads against the wall for something is not the solution to the problem find a way around the wall.

If you want help with that you know where I am.

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