There is too much pleasure, we live in a world where pleasure is readily available. Although seeking pleasure is a natural human tendency, the constant availability of instant gratification provided by society, businesses, and the media is causing us to become unhappy and unfulfilled.

In our last show, we explored how grit and struggle are the points in life where we experience the most growth.  This week, I discovered the work of Dr. Anna Lembke, the Author of the book Dopamine.

Dr Lembke is a clinical psychologist at Stamford University and has been exploring the effect of overstimulation with Dopamine and how the brain will look to bring us back into balance. But when we are awash with stimulants, balance can mean a lack of motivation, sadness and depression. 

Her work is on addictions; No judgement, we all have them: food, drink, and drugs, and now there are new forms of addiction: Binge TV, Games and social media.

Through her work, it is clear that earning our dopamine is the key to real happiness.

We all know this: the win is all the more sweet when there is a struggle. So now I understand why running makes me feel good. And so many of my friends rave about cold water swimming. 

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