Let’s talk about transitions and assimilation, that is the integration of all that we are and bringing it to the world as a contribution.

In the podcast we are looking at transition and assimilation as part of our right of passage. The show is about how the move from 50s in to my 60s has been more than a birthday.

We return briefly to my ultra marathon experience and what I have leant from that journey.

I can do hard things, and the pain passes and there is much more

There is also the ritual I used to pass from 59 to 60 years old. How I ran thought the time of my birth 60 years back.

A week of Transitions and Assimilation

In truth I have been preparing for this turning 60 as a transition. I’ve been talking about it for a while in my podcast and in someone my posts. Some of that conversation is ongoing, as my wife is currently in training to become an interfaith minister. Our conversations often revolve around transitions and connecting with all that is that’s probably led me to this place.

In the first world, we have lost touch with what it means to pass from one stage to the next. To honour and celebrate that transition.  In the modern world we have lost touch with so much that makes living life expansive. 

Most people see their success or contribution to the world as part of their career. There is so much focus on this idea that the career is where you shine. 

Ultimately this is about learning to shine all of the time. It is about feeling confident in your skin and body. And seeing that your strengths and weaknesses are an equal part of who you are

There are some things where I am crap.  I’ve never been particularly organised, I am dyslexic on many levels and have a terrible memory for names. There are more…

But I own those things. I don’t let my dyslexia stop me writing or publishing on social media. If there are errors and things that are wrong in something and someone doesn’t like it well that’s their problem not mine. And that is OK. That is not to say those errors don’t hurt becasue they do.

How Does My Journey Help You?

Remember as I say this all the time it’s your story. It has to be written, we have to create our own story. Mine is about the podcast. It is about the expansion of me and the expansion of people around me, it’s about how do we live a good life. What are the tools required for that. How can I help people find those tools and move forward. This is what it’s about for me, that is the exciting part of who I am and where I am at this time.

I will embrace the fear and keep looking to expand through it.

What would be a right of passage for you at your age and stage?

I have said before, “The Prize” is on the other side. 
So I urge you to seek out an enduring adventure and push against something that offers resistance.  Something that makes you grow and feels like an achievement, it does not need to be a full-on physical challenge.

I am biased, as I think something enduringly physical is hard to beat.

But there are other options. My wife for example is physically challenged for her the challenge is about writing and making it public. 

I believe she is very good check out the website https://simplibee.uk/  it is beautful

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