Last week I spoke about doubling the joy of a happy event through the experience of anticipation.  This week we are exploring it further with the power of gratitude.

In the conversation last week I talked about sharing the secret of the surprise Mother’s Day visit my son planned for my wife. How I joyfully anticipated her joy, and then relived it all over again when I experienced it with her. It was an amazing weekend, made all the more so with the realisation that I got to experience it 3 times, with anticipation, reality and gratitude.  

There has been a lot of effort put into the benefits of happiness including the scientific research of MRI scans that have shown that there is no one location in the brain for happiness. It is a collection of joyful emotions and satisfaction, gratitude (conscious or unconscious) is a big part of that story.

Another interesting fact is that those people who cultivate happiness in their life, experience less sadness. Now that is something that’s definitely worth pursuing. So, on today’s show, I am sharing a gratitude practice that increases happiness and builds personal resilience, moving you closer to the prospects of maximum enjoyment. 

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